Hi, I am Amitkumar Rupareliya and I know that I have come into this world with a clear purpose and mission

• To help 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs Build Unicorn Wealth, Maximize Profits and Live a Lifestyle of Freedom – with Love.

I truly appreciate the fact that you are here.

I want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you.

Because I value your time here. Because I value you.

And for that, I would like to share a little about myself.

My Background

It was the year 1991. I was 12 years old.

It was Diwali and I asked my Grandma – “Baa… why do these millionaires come every year to take your blessings on the festival?”

Grandma looks into my eyes and says – “Lala… Never take your entrepreneurial journey alone, help as many entrepreneurs as you can on the way. It's always about WHO you become”. (She was talking about my grandfather’s life)

I did not understand the context of her message to me when I was 12 years old, but now when I look back in time, I have been living Grandma’s message.

The greatest gift she gave me was…

To be a “Life Long Learner”.

The Journey of Self Discovery

I was an outstanding student and particularly nailed everything in Maths. But always managed to get F in Drawing.

I was truly passionate about sports. I was among the winners of the District Skating Championship. Besides I learned Karate and Judo from one of the finest mentors in the city.

My Granny used to work in a village school. I used to stay with her for the entire vacation. The librarian of the school used to give me comics and children books with the condition that the next day I will give him short comprehension of the book. He installed a habit of reading which I still carry with more than 500 books in my personal library.

I got rank in District in 12, pursued my degree in Management, and a second degree in Law later.

While I was pursuing my degree in Management, I started studying Chartered Accountancy as I was good with numbers. I passed, then, Foundation and one exam after that in my CA course.

However, I was living in a hostel alone and providing for my expenses by doing accounting work, audit work and Income Tax Returns Filing.

The study, Articleship (Mandatory Training for CA) and work to make the ends meet was taking an emotional toll on me.

I was just sitting at a table for the entire day doing Audit and Accounting work, repeating the same day every day.

Though I loved Economics and Finance very much and I love it more even today, I decided to leave my CA studies. I didn’t want to isolate myself in a room at a table. I wanted to connect with the world.

Stepping Out For a Sales Job

I started my first job as a Medical Representative.

From there I got an offer from ICICI Bank to work in Business Banking. It had everything I wanted, sales, business, finance, economics. I did a great job. And in the process, I got hired by HDFC Bank on a bigger role with a 100% salary raise. From there I was invited to be CEO of a company.

I joined and we 20Xed the Turnover in the first year itself. In fact, in the first 3 months we %X their yearly Turnover.

We started expanding. I started traveling extensively.

The Pink Slip

The business owners decided to make a large financial commitment. I denied it as it was against the company’s interests.

The next day I was called by the chairman and he said “we can’t work in the mutual disagreements and we will have to let you go”.

It was tough on me. I got the Pink Slip. (The saddest part is, I later came to know, that the company lost heavily in that deal).

Entrepreneurial Journey

I decided to utilize my knowledge and skills for myself now. And started my first business.

I was doing good. The business was booming. I was very busy expanding, meeting with the top CEOs of India.

The Blow

It was August of 2008 when I suffered a heavy loss in one cargo. I had taken a huge bet on that cargo. The losses were huge. I had to sell my house, car, everything. I was literally on road with my wife and 2 years old daughter.

I found a job with the HDFC group as my CV was impeccable.


I remembered my Grandma’s words. I started to re-educate myself.

I was good at numbers and I figured out something was missing in how I handled my business.

I took personal loans and even sold my wife’s gold and started to invest in many Leadership, Business, Marketing, and Constraint Theory courses.

I spent more than 20 lacs in one year. I was able to set up my next venture along with my wife.

The Entrepreneur - Investor Unleashed

After setting up my first business, I was able to set up, one by one, 6 businesses and successfully exited from them with 142X Return On Investment.

I then started to travel across India training corporates on the power of Preeminence, Systems, and Wealth Building.

Within a short span, I became the secret growth weapon behind India’s best businesses.

The more I helped other businesses, the more I could see myself grow as a person – getting more mature in my understanding of Business and implementation. But I was still restless. I didn’t know what I wanted.

The Unicorn Entrepreneurs Hub 

After almost 2 years, I realized my purpose one day while lighting a lamp in front of my Grandma’s photo (which is part of my daily ritual to take her blessing at the start of the day), I remembered her words.

I decided it was time to live my life’s mission. I decided to start working with Entrepreneurs.

I decided to help entrepreneurs build Unicorn businesses where they can have freedom, profits, and wealth with my experience and my network with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world.

I call this the “Unicorn Entrepreneurs Hub”.

I now help entrepreneurs step into their true potential by using the power of their minds to achieve great results in their business in terms of Freedom, Profitability, and Wealth.

Creating Success Stories

In the last few years, I have been able to mentor Entrepreneurs from all walks of the industry.

Many of my students are now Building Wealth from their Profitable Businesses while enjoying the True Freedom of being an Entrepreneur using the methodologies that I have given them.

I now teach people how to create Unicorn Businesses.

This includes their Preeminence, Positioning, System Setup, Collaborations, IPOs, and Private Equity.

Milestones Achieved

I had the opportunity to mastermind with the world’s best experts like J T Fox, Jay Abraham, Rich Scheferan, Siddharth Rajsekar, Blair Singer, and much more, just to name a few.

I have had the privilege to underwrite 4800+ businesses in India

Have spoken on many prestigious stages across India

I have personally written 300+ blogs to guide entrepreneurs.

Spiritual Life & Personal Development

Besides, all the economic activities I do… I’m a firm believer in living a life that’s simple and productive.

I’m a life-long student of Personal Development and Spiritual Sciences, and a very favorite quote of mine is: “Success Not Something That You Pursue…It’s Something That You Must Attract. By Being An Attractive Person (from within)”

So having said that, I have been practicing meditation and yoga for over 15 years now, which puts me closer in touch with my Creator every single day of my life, which has helped me attract all the success that I have achieved till today.

I’ve also been applying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques in my personal as well as business life, seeing great results over the years; and teaching the same to family, friends, and business partners.

I personally follow the principles of Shrimad Bhagavad and Bhagavad Gita.

I believe in simple living & high thinking – with giving & service to mankind being the core.

Being a ‘minimalist at the core, I don’t own too many things and live in a home where I have less, and do more.

I’m a father and husband of a loving wife and am currently based in Ahmedabad, where my wife is pursuing her advanced studies in Pushitmarg. Thanks to the power of the internet and scaling my business virtually, I work 100% from home and I’m there to support her in her journey.

My daughter is a hardcore athlete and passion coach for children aged 8 to 18. She has won many awards in sports locally and on the state level too.

Religion is also my favorite subject and I have been studying Hindu philosophy for years.

I love traveling to places of heritage and culture across India, and to learn more about the great history, tradition, and philosophies that our teachers have left for us.

My Big Vision

I know I’m here to help you live an inspired life and create wealth by working on your business, having freedom, doing what you love, and in turn give back to the world, through these gifts of your entrepreneurship.


I really look forward to knowing more about you. Let’s be in touch, follow me on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram make sure you give your details on the top-right, to stay in tune with all that I’m doing online and offline...

I truly feel that this journey of mine has given me a purpose in life.

I’m here to carry forward my Grandpa’s legacy of helping thousands of people live a better quality of life.

"I'm on a mission to help 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs Build Unicorn Wealth, Maximize Profits and Live a Lifestyle of FREEDOM - with Love"

And I’m glad that you are here.

I would love to help you achieve your goals.

My roots are grounded in spirituality and minimalism.

As much I have very basic needs for myself, I have a high ambition to make money and create an impact in the world thru social entrepreneurship.

If you can resonate with my vision, then let’s stay connected.

I’m glad that you got to learn more about me thru this page.

You are awesome.

You are my next success story.

      To your Wealth,

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