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Take your Business from where it is to Building wealth with other people's Money, other people's Resources and other people's Time

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Learn how to Build 142X Wealth Using Other People's Money, Other People's Resources and Other People's Time
Understand How to convert your topline into bottom-line in 4 years
Learn how to Scale a Business Without Struggle
Understand How to create a winning Business Plan

Hi, I am Amitkumar

I'm on a mission to transform the Entrepreneurial landscape by helping 1 million Businesses reach Unicorn Valuations ($1 Billion Valuations)

When I was 12 years old, my Grandma told me “Never take on your entrepreneurial journey alone, help as many entrepreneurs as you can on the way”. I did not understand what she meant until I left my job. I am Banker turned Entrepreneur turned Investor turned Incubator.

In the last 21 years, I have been able to build multiple businesses from scratch and exiting them with 142X Return on Investment, because I realized the power of following mentors who are implementors.

Besides that I am the secret GROWTH weapon behind India's best businesses. I have helped 3 corporates build 16X valuations through IPOs

I believe that the current Entrepreneurial System is broken, and the only way to fix this is by building a new breed of Business Leaders.

If you resonate with this idea, then I would like to personally, invite you to my next live masterclass where I will decode my “Unicorn Wealth Matrix” system that is helping over 4800+ Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.


Years of Rich Experience


Businesses Underwritten Personally


Worked with Different Industries and Industrial segments


Return earned on Exit from own Businesses

Join the #1 Fastest Growing Community For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Business Leaders

With over 4800+ Entrepreneurs we are building new leadership for new world.

THE Only Guide You'll Ever Need

Out of 7+ billion people on the earth there are 582 million Entrepreneurs and there are around 2755 Billionaires out of them.

Every entrepreneurs aspires to become a Billionaire entrepreneur just like them. However, sadly they are stuck in the daily firefighting. which they don 't know how to get out of it and scale the business.

After 21 years and underwriting more than 4800 businesses, coaching and consulting them, I have developed a proven and powerful model for you in this guide.

Once you apply these 6 steps, you will be able to quickly find the much needed freedom in your business to work on scaling the business

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